Rethinking the Sinosphere: Poetics, Aesthetics, and Identity Formation

by Nanxiu Qian, Richard J. Smith, and Bowei Zhang

About Nanxiu Qian

Nanxiu Qian is Professor of Chinese Literature at Rice University. She holds a PhD from Yale University and an MA from Nanjing University. Dr. Qian’s previous publications include Politics, Poetics, and Gender in Late Qing China: Xue Shaohui and the Era of Reform, Spirit and Self in Medieval China: The Shih-shuo hsin-yü and Its Legacy, and several edited and coedited volumes. She has published in both English and Chinese journals such as NAN NÜ: Men, Women and Gender in Early and Imperial China, Modern China, the Journal of Asian Studies, and the Wenxue pinglun.

Richard J. Smith is George and Nancy Rupp Professor of Humanities emeritus, a Baker Institute Scholar, and a Research Professor at the Chao Center for Asian Studies, Rice University. He holds a PhD from the University of California, Davis, and has published nine single-authored books—the most recent of which is The Qing Dynasty and Traditional Chinese Culture. He has also coedited or coauthored six volumes—the most recent of which (coedited with Nanxiu Qian and Grace Fong) is Different Worlds of Discourse: Transformations of Gender and Genre in Late Qing and Early Republican China.

Bowei Zhang is Professor of Chinese Literature at Nanjing University. He holds a PhD, an MA, and a BA from Nanjing University. Dr. Zhang’s publications (all in Chinese) include Guidelines to the Study of Literary Sinitic Texts, Reading the Sinosphere as a Methodology for Studying the Sinosphere, Chan Buddhism and Poetics, A Preliminary Study of the Eastward Transmission of Qing Poetic Remarks, A Study of the Methodology of Classical Chinese Literary Criticism, A Study of Classical Chinese Poetics, and numerous others. He has published in a great many East Asian journals and has been the editor-in-chief of the distinguished Chinese journal Study on Literary Sinitic Texts.


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