Individual Autonomy and Responsibility in Late Imperial China

by Paolo Santangelo

About Paolo Santangelo

Paolo Santangelo is Professor Emeritus of East Asia history at Sapienza University of Roma, and Editor-in-Chief atMing Qing Studies. His book publications include Sentimental Education in Chinese History: An Interdisciplinary Textual Research in Ming and Qing Sources, Materials for an Anatomy of Personality in Late Imperial China, Shan’ge, the ‘Mountain Songs’: Love Songs in Ming China (co-authored with Oki Yasushi), Zibuyu, “What the Master Would Not Discuss”, according to Yuan Mei (1716-1798): A Collection of Supernatural Stories (in cooperation with Yan Beiwen), Passion, Romance and Qing: The World of Emotions and States of Mind in Peony Pavilion (coauthored with Tian Yuan Tan), Revisiting Liaozhai zhiyi, and The Culture of Love in China and Europe(with Gábor Boros).


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