Mussolini’s Cities: Internal Colonialism in Italy, 1930-1939

by Federico Caprotti

About Federico Caprotti

Federico Caprotti is Assistant Professor in human geography at the Oxford University, St. Peter's College. Prior to joining Oxford University, Professor Caprotti lectured at the University of Leicester and St. Hugh's College, Oxford. Professor Caprotti holds a doctorate in geography from Oxford University.

His current interests are in the geographies of Italian fascism, and in the technologies of totalitarianism. He is currently working on a British Academy-funded project on the visual cultures of civil aviation in 1930s Italy and Italian East Africa.

His other publications include Patologías de la ciudad: hipocondría urbana en el fascismo italiano [Pathologies of the City: Urban Hypochondria in Italian Fascism). Bifurcaciones: Revista de Estudios Culturales Urbanos, 6 (Spanish; also available in English)(2006)], Malaria and Technological Networks: Medical Geography in the Pontine Marshes, Italy, in the 1930s (The Geographical Journal, 2006), Articulating Hegemony: Fascism Between Ideology and Spectacle. Fast Capitalism 1(2). Available online at: (2005), Fetishizing Violence, Marginalizing the Human Dimension. Antipode, 37(4): 633-637 (2005), and Information Management and Fascist Identity: Newsreels in Fascist Italy (Media History, 11(3): 177-191. 2005).


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