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Ritual and Representation in Chinese Buddhism:

Visualizing Enlightenment at Baodingshan from the 12th to 21st Centuries
Karil Kucera
ISBN: 9781604979176

This book presents an integrated analysis of all of the components of Great Buddha Bend within the greater Baodingshan site, something that was lacking in earlier studies. Written to provide guidance to the site for a wide spectrum of readers—specialists and non-specialists alike—it provides a clear explanation of the major iconographic features of the imagery as well as translations of the numerous accompanying carved Buddhist texts. Read More..

Supernatural Sinophone Taiwan and Beyond

Chia-rong Wu
ISBN: 9781604979213

“This book examines some interesting, significant types and aspects of Sinophone Taiwan fiction, as well as a number of prominent writers and representative works. Focusing on the narratives of the strange, it connects the trope of ghost haunting with Taiwan’s complex ethnoscapes and historical, colonial trauma. ... An excellent, timely study on the important but understudied Sinophone Taiwan literature.” – Yenna Wu, University of California, Riverside Read More..

Cosmopolitanism in China

Minghui Hu and Johan Elverskog
ISBN: 9781604979008

This book is a bold, pioneering attempt to explore the implications and possibilities of China in relation to the growing scholarship on cosmopolitanism around the world. It examines particular articulations of cosmopolitanism over the course of three centuries. This study is an important intervention in both the current scholarship on modern China and the scholarship on cosmopolitanism in its global articulations. Read More..

Redefining the African Diaspora:

Expressive Cultures and Politics from Slavery to Independence
Toyin Falola and Danielle Porter Sanchez
ISBN: 9781604979015

This book challenges readers to conceptualize the breadth of experiences that characterize daily life in Africa and the African diaspora. Furthermore, readers will experience the intersections of culture, global politics, and understandings of community membership, especially as these concepts heavily inform contemporary issues in Africa and the African diaspora. Read More..

Writing Contemporary Nigeria:

How Sefi Atta Illuminates African Culture and Tradition
Walter Collins
ISBN: 9781604979091

Award-winning writer Sefi Atta’s insights into the roles and treatment of women, neocolonial government structures, patriarchy, 21st-century phenomena such as Nigerian e-mail phishing and the role of geography and place in characters’ lives make her works some of the most indelible offerings across contemporary African fiction. This pioneering premier collection examines Atta’s treatment of various themes. Read More..

The Sinophone Cinema of Hou Hsiao-hsien:

Culture, Style, Voice and Motion
Christopher Lupke
ISBN: 9781604979138

“Hou Hsiao-hsien’s body of work is marked by innovation, understated beauty, and the wonder and mystery of film art in its truest sense. Featuring rare interviews and sophisticated analysis, this book sheds light on Hou’s narrative innovations and aesthetic triumphs while, along the way, unlocking some of the mysteries lurking behind one of the greatest bodies of cinematic work ever produced.” – Michael Berry, University of California, Santa Barbara Read More..

State Terrorism and the Politics of Memory in Latin America:

Transmissions Across The Generations of Post-Dictatorship Uruguay, 1984–2004
Gabriela Fried Amilivia
ISBN: 9781604979190

"This study is a theoretical, methodological, and socio-historical contribution to the field, especially for memory studies from the perspective of the victims’ subjectivities." - Elizabeth Lira, Dean, Facultad de Psicología, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Santiago de Chile Read More..

A New Strategy for Complex Warfare:

Combined Effects in East Asia
Thomas A. Drohan
ISBN: 9781604979206

"Drohan’s approach provides an innovative primer for the next generation of strategists. He exposes the stale assumptions underlying our challenges in countering contemporary threats, and provides informed alternatives. A must read by all involved with our nation’s security.” - Lt Gen David A. Deptula, USAF (Ret), Dean of the Mitchell Institute of Aerospace Studies Read More..

Representative Bureaucracy, Meritocracy, and Nation Building in Nigeria

Bola Dauda and Toyin Falola
ISBN: 9781604979121

This book is a comprehensive theoretical and empirical investigation of the practical application of representative bureaucracy in Nigeria. It examines the need for administrative reforms, what reforms have taken place, and the country’s search for appropriate bureaucracy for nation building. Read More..

Giving this Country a Memory:

Contemporary Aboriginal Voices of Australia
Anne Brewster
ISBN: 9781604979114

“Literary critics often forget to ask the authors what they think. Here, Anne Brewster talks to some celebrated Indigenous Australian writers about their unique contexts, their struggles and their craft. It is an invaluable resource for both the general public and students of these works.” – Stephen Muecke, Professor of Ethnography, University of New South Wales Read More..


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