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The Immortal Maiden Equal to Heaven and Other Precious Scrolls from Western Gansu

Wilt L. Idema
ISBN: 9781604979077

Following thirty years of suppression as feudal superstition, Chinese popular religion has made a spectacular comeback since the 1980s. One aspect of this phenomenon has been the return of precious scrolls as ritual and entertainment in several regions of China. Given the wealth of important information to be reaped, it is not surprising these materials are attracting growing scholarly attention. This unprecedented book is thus a significant foray into the area because it provides complete and annotated translations of six precious scrolls, which have never before been translated. Read More..

Writing Contemporary Nigeria:

How Sefi Atta Illuminates African Culture and Tradition
Walter Collins
ISBN: 9781604979091

Award-winning writer Sefi Atta’s insights into the roles and treatment of women, neocolonial government structures, patriarchy, 21st-century phenomena such as Nigerian e-mail phishing and the role of geography and place in characters’ lives make her works some of the most indelible offerings across contemporary African fiction. This pioneering premier collection examines Atta’s treatment of various themes while referencing the proficiency of her writing and style. The book includes an interview with Atta in which she offers an insightful and progressive perspective on current language use by Africans. Read More..

The Sinophone Cinema of Hou Hsiao-hsien:

Culture, Style, Voice and Motion
Christopher Lupke
ISBN: 9781604979138

Hou Hsiao-hsien is one of the most beloved auteur film directors active today. His work has garnered more than a dozen awards, including prizes at The Venice Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival, and the Cannes Film Festival. This book is thus a must read for all interested in contemporary world cinema. It will appeal to readers concerned with issues such as the representation of ethnicity, gender, political repression, and the tensions between cities and the countryside. Read More..

Giving this Country a Memory:

Contemporary Aboriginal Voices of Australia
Anne Brewster
ISBN: 9781604979114

“Literary critics often forget to ask the authors what they think. Here, Anne Brewster talks to some celebrated Indigenous Australian writers about their unique contexts, their struggles and their craft. It is an invaluable resource for both the general public and students of these works.” – Stephen Muecke, Professor of Ethnography, University of New South Wales Read More..

Seeking Bipartisanship:

My Life in Politics
Ray LaHood with Frank H. Mackaman
ISBN: 9781604979053

“Bipartisanship can work ... This much-needed book—not only for American politics but also for the American people and all who believe in democracy—is a brilliant account of how we can and should seek bipartisanship. It presents an important part of American history—when Democrats and Republicans reached across the aisle.” – Rahm Emanuel, Mayor, City of Chicago Read More..

Dress in the Making of African Identity:

A Social and Cultural History of the Yoruba People
Bukola Oyeniyi
ISBN: 9781604978995

This book on the social and cultural history of Yoruba people illuminates the impact of Christianity, Islam, and British colonialism on the construction of Yoruba identity, and how dress was entangled in that construction. It also provides insightful discussions of the transformations in dress culture since independence and demonstrates the importance of dress as a site for contesting and articulating postcolonial Yoruba identity and class structure within the Nigerian national space. Read More..

The Quest for Leadership:

Thomas E. Cronin and His Influence on Presidential Studies and Political Science
Michael A. Genovese
ISBN: 9781604979107

The book evaluates the leadership successes and failures of US presidents, such as George W. Bush and Barack Obama, on a wide range of issues, from education policy, social security reform, health care, and the surveillance of Americans to the tending of coalitions. It also analyzes presidents as war-time leaders, public leadership, and the state of presidential leadership and authority. The book reviews America's standing as a world leader and reflects on American nationalism during World War II. Leadership in the judicial context, specifically chief justices, is also examined. Read More..

Slavery, Migrations, and Transformations:

Connecting Old and New Diasporas to the Homeland
Danielle Porter Sanchez and Toyin Falola
ISBN: 9781604979022

From the historical movements of enslaved Africans to the Americas to newer migrations of Africans to spaces like Belgium and France, experiences of blackness on a global stage reflect themes of negotiation, persecution, isolation, unification, remembrance, and much more. Yet, it is impossible to minimize the complex experiences that make up the African diaspora throughout the world, as diasporic communities face a range of struggles. This book is thus a timely and much-needed exploration of the intricate nature of culture and life in the African diaspora. Read More..

Transatlantic Memories of Slavery:

Reimagining the Past, Changing the Future
Elisa Bordin and Anna Scacchi
ISBN: 9781604979039

Unlike earlier scholarship on slavery, this study addresses the memory of slavery from a transnational perspective. It offers comparative analyses which interlace the variety of memories emerging in diverse national contexts and fields of study and shed light on the ways local countermemories have interacted with and responded to hegemonic narratives of slavery. The inclusion of Brazil and the French, English, and Spanish Caribbean alongside the US and Europe, and the various approaches (cinema, popular culture, visual culture, anthropology, literary studies) expand the current understanding of the slave past and how it is reimagined. Read More..

Awkward Stages:

Plays about Growing Up Gay
John Clum and Sean Metzger
ISBN: 9781604979084

The plays in this volume, written by some the most celebrated playwrights illuminate how sexual identity is important to the young men, in great part because they must define themselves against the prejudice and sanctions of family and social institutions. Each of the playwrights represented in this volume has a particular take on gay adolescence. Each also has a unique theatrical style, from the musical and linguistic exuberance of Ricardo Bracho’s Sissy to the alternation of three moments in time in Daniel Talbott’s Slipping. Michael Perlman’s From White Plains shows the power and danger of contemporary media, which has enabled a new, virulent form of bullying. Read More..


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