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Conducting the Wind Orchestra:

Meaning, Gesture, and Expressive Potential
Eric L. Hinton
ISBN: 9781604975598

This book will help readers better understand the relationship between the conductor’s physical gestures, body language and facial expressions, and the expressive potential of selected works for the wind orchestra. Read More..

Communication in Theatre Directing and Performance:

From Rehearsal to Production
Jennifer Lanipekun
ISBN: 9781604977691

“This book draws on a lifetime’s professional insights as performer, teacher and researcher. It is a highly readable, engaging narrative and will reward all those who share an interest in how collective artistic performance is characterised and infused by the essence of human design.” – Dr Graham Welch, International Music Education Research Centre Read More..

Dead Composers, Living Audiences:

The Situation of Classical Music in the Twenty-First Century
Gerald L. Phillips
ISBN: 9781604975581

"The author brings a fascinating philosophical and sociological mindset to the examination of how classical Western music and 21st-century society interact, complement, contrast, counteract, and relate to each other ... Recommended." - CHOICE Read More..

Hip Hop and Inequality:

Searching for the "Real" Slim Shady
Simona Hill and Dave Ramsaran
ISBN: 9781604976519

Little work has been done on trying to locate the emergence of hip hop and hip hop culture within the context of capitalist development in the United States. This book shows how racial, gender, and ethnic stereotypes are reformulated through different media. The book critically analyzes two prominent archetypal images of the gangsta male and the wanksta feminist who can be either male or female. Read More..

Music Makes the Nation:

Nationalist Composers and Nation Building in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Benjamin Curtis
ISBN: 9781604975222

As one of the very few broad, comparative studies of nationalist music, this book is an essential resource for students and scholars in history and musicology. In addition, as a groundbreaking analysis of the socio-political functions of nationalist music, the book will be of interest to those studying nationalism and political science. Read More..

Police Beat:

The Emotional Power of Music in Police Work
Simone Dennis
ISBN: 9781934043578

"While there is plenty here to engage the interest of anthropologists, ethnomusicologists, phenomenologists and other scholars, anyone interested in police power, the power of music and the intersection of the two will find this work both powerful and thought provoking." Read More..


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