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Second Language Learning and Identity:

Cracking Metaphors in Ideological and Poetic Discourse in the Third Space
Mika Yoshimoto
ISBN: 9781604975895

“Among the reasons why this book is recommended is that it encourages us to rethink and to react to the impact of the ideology conveyed through language use in our daily communication.” – JALT Journal Read More..

Reel Writing:

Using Movies to Teach the Creative Writing Process
Karla Hardaway
ISBN: 9781934043011

In this innovative curriculum, creative writing principles and concepts are taught through the medium of film. The method is highly praised by curriculum developers, teachers, and the students who have experienced the positive outcomes of the method. Read More..

Crossing into Manhood:

A Men’s Studies Curriculum
Christopher P. Mason
ISBN: 9781934043301

CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title! A much-needed guide for Men' Studies and Education collections on assisting late-adolescent boys’ transition into manhood. Read More..

Art Activities for the English Language Classroom

Theresa Catalano
ISBN: 9781934043059

This book is outstanding resource for teaching and learning languages using art activities. Although designed for an ESL environment, it can be easily adapted to any language program as a stand-alone text or for supplemental resources. Read More..


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