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Grounded Theory and Disability Studies:

An Investigation Into Legacies of Blindness
Simon Hayhoe
ISBN: 9781604978285

“Presents a very real picture of what it is like to conduct fieldwork, with the pressures of limited time and funding in a volatile political climate … the book is a strong representation of many of the real life issues faced by researchers conducting in-depth qualitative research. The book would provide fodder for very interesting classroom discussions in qualitative methods classes, both within and outside disability studies programs.” – Disability and Health Journal Read More..

Theology, Disability, and Spiritual Transformation:

Learning from the Communities of L'Arche
Michael Hryniuk
ISBN: 9781604976946

There is an emerging recognition of the need for a fuller understanding of the nature and dynamics of spiritual growth and its implications for human development and social change. The book examines the psychological dimensions of spiritual transformation through the lens of contemporary affect theory and explores how caregivers experience a profound healing of shame in their felt sense of identity and self-worth. Read More..

The Victorian Freak Show:

The Significance of Disability and Physical Differences in 19th-Century Fiction
Lillian Craton
ISBN: 9781604976533

"An important contribution ...the most significant innovation of the project is the way in which Craton uncovers the often positively valence of such differences as they are depicted in literary texts ... scholars in disability studies and Victorian studies will find this book useful and compelling, … yet it is readable for undergraduates as well." – Victorian Studies Read More..

Disability and Illness in Arts-Informed Research:

Moving Toward Postconventional Representations
Nancy Viva Davis Halifax
ISBN: 9781604976113

Disability and illness are not easy subjects to write about in a direct manner. However, this remarkable book presents a story of illness and disability, experiences which collectively enrich and challenge our understandings of embodiment, narrative, social structures, identity and politics--the full continuum of what it means and has meant, to be human. Read More..

The Availability of Care for Late-Middle-Aged Adults With Chronic Conditions

Julie C. Lima and Susan M. Allen
ISBN: 9781604975765

In this first critical study of the availability and receipt of care for late-middle-aged adults, Julie Lima and Susan Allen uncover a host of vulnerabilities that challenge the wellbeing of those who find themselves in need of personal assistance at a critical point in their lives. Read More..


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