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Getting into Varsity:

Comparability, Convergence and Congruence
Barend Vlaardingerbroek and Neil Taylor
ISBN: 9781604977134

Schooling has become a stepping-stone to post-school education and training (e.g., university). This edited volume accordingly focuses on the transition from school to university. It will be of considerable interest to scholars and practitioners in the fields of strategic educational planning and high-stakes assessment and examinations, particularly those with a comparative focus. Read More..

Elementary Education and Motivation in Islam:

Perspectives of Medieval Muslim Scholars, 750–1400 CE
Eeqbal Hassim
ISBN: 9781604977103

"The scholars who wrote on elementary education focused on ideals and expectations that were anomalous to educational practice as portrayed in some historical anecdotes. Accordingly,this book argues that this idealism and the centuries old traditions in elementary education and motivation simply reflect the faith and zeal of a civilization that carried out the task of educating children with the obedience of God in mind. This is an important book for all Islamic studies collections, particularly in the areas of history, education, psychology,and Arabic literature. - Targheeb Read More..

Grammar and the Chinese ESL Learner:

A Longitudinal Study on the Acquisition of the English Article System
Yong Lang
ISBN: 9781604976700

This book which details an in-depth longitudinal study of Chinese ESL learners' acquisition process of English articles helps fill the gap in needed research of the challenges faced by ESL learners.While the findings from this study challenge several claims documented in current L2 research literature on one hand, it also casts some much-needed light on the acquisition processes of English articles by Chinese ESL learners. Read More..

Education, Migration, and Cultural Capital in the Chinese Diaspora:

Transnational Students Between Hong Kong and Canada
Johanna L. Waters
ISBN: 9781604975437

Thought-provoking and inspiring, this book makes an important contribution to the literature of international education and contains a wealth of ideas for professionals interested to go on probing. The clear development, novel perspective and convincing argument are worthy of a good read. Recommended to all those working in education and its related fields." - International Education Read More..

Inquiry Pedagogy and the Preservice Science Teacher

Lisa Martin-Hansen
ISBN: 9781604976663

Little research literature exists that follows preservice teachers through their development in a science education program as they are challenged in learning how to teach using inquiry pedagogy. This book highlights the successes and struggles as told by preservice teachers through their writing and interviews. Read More..

Science and Society in the Classroom:

Using Sociocultural Perspectives to Develop Science Education
Geeta Verma
ISBN: 9781604976595

In 21st-century America, one of the goals of the education is to successfully prepare students for their meaningful, sustained, and robust participation in a democratic society. There has been no study to date that examines the impact of curricular approaches guided by a sociocultural framework (contextualized curriculum in this study) on the comprehension level and attitudes of students. The study fills that gap and holds implications for the inclusion of alternative curricular framework in urban middle school science classrooms. Read More..

Access Denied:

How Internet Filters Impact Student Learning in High Schools
Lynn Sutton
ISBN: 9781934043073

A required reference for all involved in education, particularly intellectual freedom. A pioneering study of how internet controls impact student learning and teaching effectiveness. Read More..

The Role of Special Education Interest Groups in National Policy

Tiina Itkonen
ISBN: 9781604976267

This study is the first that analyzes the behavior and effectiveness of special education interest groups over a 30-year time span, using advocacy groups as units of analysis. This is an important book for readers with a specific interest in special education policy, as well as political scientists in search of answers to broader questions of public policy making. Read More..

The Revival of Scottish Gaelic Through Education

Michael McIntyre
ISBN: 9781604976120

This work enumerates the rationales for maintaining heritage languages and examines one particular exemplary campaign to reverse the slide to language death. This is an important book for all scholars and other individuals who are interested in the Gaelic and other Celtic languages; endangered-language maintenance, survival, and revival; and issues surrounding indigenous and language-minority populations. Read More..

The Challenge of Change in Africa's Higher Education in the 21st Century

Kenneth Kaoma Mwenda and Gerry Nkombo Muuka
ISBN: 9781604976106

This is a book written from and with twenty-first century realities, making it a significant addition to the continuing and urgent search for solutions to the continent’s development dilemma. It is therefore critical reading and research material for many stakeholders including students, professors, universities and research libraries on the one hand, and higher education ministries in Africa on the other. Read More..


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