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Disability and Illness in Arts-Informed Research:

Moving Toward Postconventional Representations
Nancy Viva Davis Halifax
ISBN: 9781604976113

Disability and illness are not easy subjects to write about in a direct manner. However, this remarkable book presents a story of illness and disability, experiences which collectively enrich and challenge our understandings of embodiment, narrative, social structures, identity and politics--the full continuum of what it means and has meant, to be human. Read More..

Distance Education Innovations and New Learning Environments:

Combining Traditional Teaching Methods and Emerging Technologies
Taylor Halverson
ISBN: 9781604976090

This book adds to the growing evidence that blended learning promises to be a significant step in the evolutionary process of great teaching and learning. It provides solid, straightforward guidance on building robust blended learning, and will be of interest to those in education, particularly instructors and designers of humanities-based college courses. Read More..

Internet Learning and the Building of Knowledge

Juliann Cortese
ISBN: 9781934043134

Examines and provides important insights on how the Internet influences the learning process. The book also notes that personal factors such as motivation and expertise interact with web site design to influence learning outcomes. It also sheds light on how learning from a website can be primed based on the content presented before exposure. Read More..

Applying Andragogical Principles to Internet Learning

Susan Isenberg
ISBN: 9781934043196

The most rigorous account and investigation of online adult learning ever conducted. This book is must reading for scholars and students to understand this critical field. Read More..

Gateway to the Dao-Field:

Essays for the Awakening Educator
Avraham Cohen
ISBN: 9781604975536

Professor Avraham Cohen undertakes describing "the theory, practice, and praxis of a pedagogy that encourages educators to be authentic and encouraging in life, and to see education as a vibrant undertaking.” He draws upon the “discipline of counselling from humanistic, existential, transpersonal, group, and process-oriented perspectives.” Read More..

Immigrant Academics and Cultural Challenges in a Global Environment

Femi J. Kolapo
ISBN: 9781604975680

This edited volume brings together the voices of different academics to illuminate the role of culture in determining the character and quality of the social and professional lives of mobile academics. This is an important book for those in cross-cultural studies and education. Read More..

Secondary School External Examination Systems:

Reliability, Robustness and Resilience
Barend Vlaardingerbroek and Neil Taylor
ISBN: 9781604976007

This edited volume brings together the experiences of 20 examination systems from around the world to show how these dynamic entities have adapted over time to the changing context of schooling. The introduction is by Stephen P. Heyneman of Vanderbilt University and formerly from the World Bank. Read More..

Margaret H’Doubler:

The Legacy of America's Dance Education Pioneer
John Wilson, Thomas Hagood, and Mary Alice Brennan
ISBN: 9781934043295

This is the first thorough critique of Margaret H’Doubler’s life, career, and philosophies. It is an extraordinary resource for dance scholars, educators, and students. Read More..

Teacher Autonomy:

A Multifaceted Approach for the New Millennium
Clayton Singer LaCoe III
ISBN: 9781604975796

In this book, Dr. Clay LaCoe examines how teachers view autonomy and whether or not the accountability associated with high stakes testing influences teachers’ perceptions of autonomy. Researchers have tended to view teacher autonomy as a unitary concept. This book will expand the knowledge base by decomposing autonomy and deepening our understanding of how high stakes accountability affects teachers’ perceptions of their own autonomy. Read More..

Girls Becoming Teachers:

An Historical Analysis of Western Australian Women Teachers, 1911–1940
Janina Trotman
ISBN: 9781604975864

More recent scholarship has called for the need to investigate the subjective experiences of becoming and being a woman teacher thus creating a greater set of bounded studies which pay close attention to ethnic, class and regional differences as well as instances where women teachers exercised autonomy and resistance. This book challenges the assumption that families and schools unproblematically reproduced prevailing gender regimes. Read More..


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