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Ubiquity, Mobility, Security:

The Future of the Internet, Volume 3
Janna Quitney Anderson and Lee Rainie
ISBN: 9781604976151

This volume showcases the responses of technology stakeholders and critics who were asked to assess scenarios about the future social, political, and economic impact of the Internet. This book is critical for those in communication and Internet studies. Read More..

The Chinese of Indonesia and Their Search for Identity:

The Relationship Between Collective Memory and the Media
Aimee Dawis
ISBN: 9781604976069

"Aimee’s study has rightly shown the plurality of Chinese Indonesians, and this study offers valuable insights to the complicated dynamics, in which Indonesians, of diverse and often hybrid backgrounds, continue to redefine themselves and their place in nation building." - Professor Melani Budianta, University of Indonesia Read More..

Technology and Nationalism in India:

Cultural Negotiations from Colonialism to Cyberspace
Rohit Chopra
ISBN: 9781604975673

Since the introduction of Western science and technology under colonial rule in the eighteenth century, science and technology have been used as instruments to transform Indian society. This groundbreaking book examines the phenomenon of “technocultural Hindu nationalism” or the use of the internet by global Indian communities for the promotion of Hindu nationalist ideologies. Read More..

Hopes and Fears:

The Future of the Internet, Volume 2
Lee Rainie and Janna Anderson
ISBN: 9781604975710

Participants react to a variety of networked information technology scenarios related to national boundaries, human languages, artificial intelligence and other topics. Read More..

Online Intersex Communities:

Virtual Neighborhoods of Support and Activism
Brian Still
ISBN: 9781604975925

The author's examination shows that what virtual intersex communities represent, from personal blogs to email lists, is the opportunity for those isolated by the nature of their treatment and the geographic distance that often stands between them, and others like them, to feel a sense of belonging, to exchange information, and, in the process, to generate productive noise. Read More..

Talking Oneself Sober:

The Discourse of Alcoholics Anonymous
Seán O’Halloran
ISBN: 9781604975529

The first book on AA discourse reveals truth of AA. This book is the first to deal comprehensively with the spoken discourse of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), particularly within AA meetings. These meetings are generally not easily accessible to researchers, but they are AA’s central defining activity and provide the forum through which it operates. To understand what happens in AA meetings is to begin to understand AA. Read More..

Television Advertising that Works:

An Analysis of Commercials from Effective Campaigns
Stephen Marshall and Marilyn Roberts
ISBN: 9781604975130

Using rigorous content analysis, this study focuses on producing a benchmark for comparison studies examining differences in message strategies across cultures. Read More..

Up for Grabs:

The Future of the Internet I
Lee Rainie, Janna Anderson, and Susannah Fox
ISBN: 9781604975178

This is the first volume of an exciting series on the future of the internet by the Pew Internet & American Life Project and Elon University. Based on the feedback of nearly 1,300 leading technology experts and scholars, this book provides insight on how the Internet expected to change the workplace, family life, education and many other foundations of society. Read More..

Web Site Public Relations:

How Corporations Build and Maintain Relationships Online
Mihaela Vorvoreanu
ISBN: 9781604975284

Original and rigorous, this book steps in to fill the void of research on corporate relationships with the public using the Web. This seminal book will help move Web site research and use toward a more professional and theoretic foundation. Read More..

Cross-Border Cultural Production:

Economic Runaway or Globalization?
Janet Wasko and Mary Erickson
ISBN: 9781934043783

This collection of essays by noted experts in the field examines the economic, political and cultural roles that television and film play in our society and how international production has influenced those roles. Read More..


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