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Managing Marginal or Incompetent Staff:

A Practical Guide
Jo Campbell
ISBN: 9780977356744

This is a must read for anyone in a supervisory role, especially in the field of education. Read More..

Margaret H’Doubler:

The Legacy of America's Dance Education Pioneer
John Wilson, Thomas Hagood, and Mary Alice Brennan
ISBN: 9781934043295

This is the first thorough critique of Margaret H’Doubler’s life, career, and philosophies. It is an extraordinary resource for dance scholars, educators, and students. Read More..

Power, Politics, and Higher Education in Southern Africa:

International Regimes, Local Governments, and Educational Autonomy
José Cossa
ISBN: 9781604975154

"This book will contribute to the debate and policy deliberations of policymakers, students, and scholars in Africa and globally." - Professor N’Dri T. Assié-Lumumba, Cornell University Read More..

Programmed Instruction in Online Learning

Reinaldo L. Canton
ISBN: 9781934043363

A trailblazing study in the field of online instruction, this book is critical for all collections in Communications and Education. Read More..

Reel Writing:

Using Movies to Teach the Creative Writing Process
Karla Hardaway
ISBN: 9781934043011

In this innovative curriculum, creative writing principles and concepts are taught through the medium of film. The method is highly praised by curriculum developers, teachers, and the students who have experienced the positive outcomes of the method. Read More..

The Revival of Scottish Gaelic Through Education

Michael McIntyre
ISBN: 9781604976120

This work enumerates the rationales for maintaining heritage languages and examines one particular exemplary campaign to reverse the slide to language death. This is an important book for all scholars and other individuals who are interested in the Gaelic and other Celtic languages; endangered-language maintenance, survival, and revival; and issues surrounding indigenous and language-minority populations. Read More..

The Role of International Exhibitions in Britain, 1850–1910:

Perceptions of Economic Decline and the Technical Education Issue
Anthony Edwards
ISBN: 9781604975307

This unique book systematically explores the relationship between participation in international exhibitions, the state of the economy, and the issue of technical education from a British perspective. Read More..

The Role of Special Education Interest Groups in National Policy

Tiina Itkonen
ISBN: 9781604976267

This study is the first that analyzes the behavior and effectiveness of special education interest groups over a 30-year time span, using advocacy groups as units of analysis. This is an important book for readers with a specific interest in special education policy, as well as political scientists in search of answers to broader questions of public policy making. Read More..

Schools as Dangerous Places:

A Historical Perspective
Anthony Potts and Tom O'Donoghue
ISBN: 9781934043769

Schools as Dangerous Places delivers a historical perspective of schools in a manner that compels us to examine the dangers in institutions through a very different lens.The emphases range from dangers emanating from the institutions themselves and the patterns of relationships that developed in them, to what occurred due to particular ideologies and practices connected with sport, sex, religion, and science. Read More..

Schoolteachers in the News:

A Historical Analysis of Coverage in The West Australian Newspaper
Kathryn Shine and Tom O'Donoghue
ISBN: 9781604978339

Despite the recognition that the news media has an influential agenda-setting function, plays a pivotal role in shaping public opinion, and can influence educational policy, research on this is scarce. This book helps fill the gap on how teachers are depicted in the media and points the way towards one of a number of avenues of research that other scholars in the field could take for various contexts (including different countries) and time periods. Read More..


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