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Teacher Autonomy:

A Multifaceted Approach for the New Millennium
Clayton Singer LaCoe III
ISBN: 9781604975796

In this book, Dr. Clay LaCoe examines how teachers view autonomy and whether or not the accountability associated with high stakes testing influences teachers’ perceptions of autonomy. Researchers have tended to view teacher autonomy as a unitary concept. This book will expand the knowledge base by decomposing autonomy and deepening our understanding of how high stakes accountability affects teachers’ perceptions of their own autonomy. Read More..

Girls Becoming Teachers:

An Historical Analysis of Western Australian Women Teachers, 1911–1940
Janina Trotman
ISBN: 9781604975864

More recent scholarship has called for the need to investigate the subjective experiences of becoming and being a woman teacher thus creating a greater set of bounded studies which pay close attention to ethnic, class and regional differences as well as instances where women teachers exercised autonomy and resistance. This book challenges the assumption that families and schools unproblematically reproduced prevailing gender regimes. Read More..

Legacy in Dance Education:

Essays and Interviews on Values, Practices, and People
Thomas K. Hagood
ISBN: 9781604975635

"In reading this book, the existing or aspiring dance educator realizes that our legacy, while strong, is equally fragile. It only exists while those we have mentored are there to pass it along. That makes this book a wonder. It will encourage today's dance educators to record their work." - Journal of Dance Education Read More..

The Study of China in Universities:

A Comparative Case Study of Australia and the United Kingdom
Chia-Mei Jane Coughlan
ISBN: 9781604975697

The political significance of China (PRC) in the world has greatly increased in the past two decades. The book specifically examines how the macro contexts of economics and politics contribute to the process of the construction of Chinese studies in universities, as well as the ways in which social phenomena at the departmental level play a part in such a process. Read More..

Teaching Spectatorship:

Essays and Poems on Audience in Performance
Monica Prendergast
ISBN: 9781604975390

Drawing on key findings discovered in this extensive literature review, the author goes on to present a number of chapters that theorize how spectatorship may become a central concern of curriculum through committed and teacher-facilitated attendance of live performance. Read More..

Service-Learning and Community Engagement:

Cognitive Developmental Long-term Social Concern
Andrew Stelljes
ISBN: 9781604975475

In order to focus on how students may learn best, this pathbreaking book focuses on an examination of individuals, as compared with groups, and of individuals that exhibit some of the outcomes that service-learning claims to promote. Read More..

The European Union and the Modernization of the Turkish Education System

Bulent Tarman
ISBN: 9781604975451

This unique book examines the reconstruction of Turkish history/social studies curriculum and assesses how well the program conforms to the established European Union (EU) directions and norms. Read More..

The Role of International Exhibitions in Britain, 1850–1910:

Perceptions of Economic Decline and the Technical Education Issue
Anthony Edwards
ISBN: 9781604975307

This unique book systematically explores the relationship between participation in international exhibitions, the state of the economy, and the issue of technical education from a British perspective. Read More..

Power, Politics, and Higher Education in Southern Africa:

International Regimes, Local Governments, and Educational Autonomy
José Cossa
ISBN: 9781604975154

"This book will contribute to the debate and policy deliberations of policymakers, students, and scholars in Africa and globally." - Professor N’Dri T. Assié-Lumumba, Cornell University Read More..

American Libraries and the Internet:

The Social Construction of Web Appropriation and Use
Bin Li
ISBN: 9781934043875

This innovative study provides an in-depth understanding how librarians have perceived the World Wide Web from its early implementation to 2003, and how the Web is appropriated and used in libraries. Read More..


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