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Science and Society in the Classroom:

Using Sociocultural Perspectives to Develop Science Education
Geeta Verma
ISBN: 9781604976595

In 21st-century America, one of the goals of the education is to successfully prepare students for their meaningful, sustained, and robust participation in a democratic society. There has been no study to date that examines the impact of curricular approaches guided by a sociocultural framework (contextualized curriculum in this study) on the comprehension level and attitudes of students. The study fills that gap and holds implications for the inclusion of alternative curricular framework in urban middle school science classrooms. Read More..

Second Language Learning and Identity:

Cracking Metaphors in Ideological and Poetic Discourse in the Third Space
Mika Yoshimoto
ISBN: 9781604975895

“Among the reasons why this book is recommended is that it encourages us to rethink and to react to the impact of the ideology conveyed through language use in our daily communication.” – JALT Journal Read More..

Secondary School External Examination Systems:

Reliability, Robustness and Resilience
Barend Vlaardingerbroek and Neil Taylor
ISBN: 9781604976007

This edited volume brings together the experiences of 20 examination systems from around the world to show how these dynamic entities have adapted over time to the changing context of schooling. The introduction is by Stephen P. Heyneman of Vanderbilt University and formerly from the World Bank. Read More..

Seeing Red––A Pedagogy of Parallax:

An Epistolary Bildungsroman on Artful Scholarly Inquiry
Pauline Sameshima
ISBN: 9781934043523

Based on Pauline Sameshima's doctoral dissertation, winner of 4 outstanding dissertation awards--the 2007 AERA Arts Based Educational Research Award, the 2007 CSSE ARTS Award, a 2007 CSSE Canadian Association of Teacher Education Award, and the 2007 Ted T. Aoki Award in Curriculum Studies. Read More..

Seeing Red––A Pedagogy of Parallax:

An Epistolary Bildungsroman on Artful Scholarly Inquiry (Paperback)
Pauline Sameshima
ISBN: 9781934043646

"... bold, innovative, a wild, transformative text, ... almost unruly, a new vision for critical, reflexive inquiry." – Norman K. Denzin, College of Communications Scholar, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Read More..

Service-Learning and Community Engagement:

Cognitive Developmental Long-term Social Concern
Andrew Stelljes
ISBN: 9781604975475

In order to focus on how students may learn best, this pathbreaking book focuses on an examination of individuals, as compared with groups, and of individuals that exhibit some of the outcomes that service-learning claims to promote. Read More..

The Study of China in Universities:

A Comparative Case Study of Australia and the United Kingdom
Chia-Mei Jane Coughlan
ISBN: 9781604975697

The political significance of China (PRC) in the world has greatly increased in the past two decades. The book specifically examines how the macro contexts of economics and politics contribute to the process of the construction of Chinese studies in universities, as well as the ways in which social phenomena at the departmental level play a part in such a process. Read More..

Teaching Spectatorship:

Essays and Poems on Audience in Performance
Monica Prendergast
ISBN: 9781604975390

Drawing on key findings discovered in this extensive literature review, the author goes on to present a number of chapters that theorize how spectatorship may become a central concern of curriculum through committed and teacher-facilitated attendance of live performance. Read More..

Teacher Autonomy:

A Multifaceted Approach for the New Millennium
Clayton Singer LaCoe III
ISBN: 9781604975796

In this book, Dr. Clay LaCoe examines how teachers view autonomy and whether or not the accountability associated with high stakes testing influences teachers’ perceptions of autonomy. Researchers have tended to view teacher autonomy as a unitary concept. This book will expand the knowledge base by decomposing autonomy and deepening our understanding of how high stakes accountability affects teachers’ perceptions of their own autonomy. Read More..

Virtual Charter Schools and Home Schooling

Carol Klein
ISBN: 9781934043219

A much-awaited book--one of the first comprehensive investigations of the relationship between virtual charter schools and home schooling. Read More..


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