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Chatting to Learn:

The Changing Psychology and Evolving Pedagogy of Online Learning
James M. Hudson
ISBN: 9781934043721

A pioneering study, this monograph examines the broader implications for the design of conversational environments, whether for educational or business use. Read More..

Programmed Instruction in Online Learning

Reinaldo L. Canton
ISBN: 9781934043363

A trailblazing study in the field of online instruction, this book is critical for all collections in Communications and Education. Read More..

Reel Writing:

Using Movies to Teach the Creative Writing Process
Karla Hardaway
ISBN: 9781934043011

In this innovative curriculum, creative writing principles and concepts are taught through the medium of film. The method is highly praised by curriculum developers, teachers, and the students who have experienced the positive outcomes of the method. Read More..

Comparing American and British Legal Education Systems:

Lessons for Commonwealth African Law Schools
Kenneth K. Mwenda
ISBN: 9781934043516

What is the difference between a law degree in the US and the UK? Dr. Kenneth Mwenda, a well-seasoned international lawyer and academic, guides us through the specific details and illuminates the core differences. Read More..

Seeing Red––A Pedagogy of Parallax:

An Epistolary Bildungsroman on Artful Scholarly Inquiry
Pauline Sameshima
ISBN: 9781934043523

Based on Pauline Sameshima's doctoral dissertation, winner of 4 outstanding dissertation awards--the 2007 AERA Arts Based Educational Research Award, the 2007 CSSE ARTS Award, a 2007 CSSE Canadian Association of Teacher Education Award, and the 2007 Ted T. Aoki Award in Curriculum Studies. Read More..

Seeing Red––A Pedagogy of Parallax:

An Epistolary Bildungsroman on Artful Scholarly Inquiry (Paperback)
Pauline Sameshima
ISBN: 9781934043646

"... bold, innovative, a wild, transformative text, ... almost unruly, a new vision for critical, reflexive inquiry." – Norman K. Denzin, College of Communications Scholar, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Read More..

The Impact of Home Internet Access on Test Scores

Steve Macho
ISBN: 9781934043288

Does having Internet access at home help improve academic performance? This book answers this question with its thorough investigation. Read More..

Virtual Destinations and Student Learning in Middle School:

A Case Study of a Biology Museum Online
Mindi Donaldson
ISBN: 9781934043271

Provides important results and implications for any educator concerned with improving learning outcomes. This work is a beacon that will guide educators in their curriculum development efforts. Read More..

Anticipating and Managing Crime, Crisis, and Violence in our Schools:

A Practical Guide
Jo Campbell
ISBN: 9781934043370

This indispensable guide for educators is deemed essential by Diana Ohman, Director of Department of Defense Education Activity. 170 Read More..

Crossing into Manhood:

A Men’s Studies Curriculum
Christopher P. Mason
ISBN: 9781934043301

CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title! A much-needed guide for Men' Studies and Education collections on assisting late-adolescent boys’ transition into manhood. Read More..


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