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Virtual Destinations and Student Learning in Middle School:

A Case Study of a Biology Museum Online
Mindi Donaldson
ISBN: 9781934043271

Provides important results and implications for any educator concerned with improving learning outcomes. This work is a beacon that will guide educators in their curriculum development efforts. Read More..

Who is the Good High School Student?

Greg Thompson
ISBN: 9781604977950

The idea that schools exist to produce students who become good citizens is one of the basic tenets of modernist educational philosophies that dominate the contemporary education world. The school has become a political site where policy, curriculum orientations, expectations and philosophies of education contest for the ‘right’ way to school and be schooled. By pushing the ontological understandings of the self beyond the modernist philosophies that currently dominate schools and schooling, this study problematises the tendency to see students as fixed, measurable identities (beings) and offers valuable insights on high school students in the new millennia. Read More..


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