A Superior Publishing Experience

Cambria delights its authors with a superior publishing experience and outcomes.

Rigorous Peer Review

Works are accepted only after passing rigorous, double-blind peer review by experts.

"My manuscript was immediately peer reviewed by insightful and knowledgeable scholars. Quite simply it was the best publication process I have ever experienced."
—Annemarie Koning Whaley, East Texas Baptist University, author of The Trouble with Dreiser

"I would highly recommend Cambria as a scholarly press. From the initial review, through the peer-review process, their entire team was extremely efficient, thorough, and professional."
—Adrian Kane, Boise State University, author of Central American Avant-Garde Narrative

Tenure and Promotion Support

Cambria authors are extremely successful in applications for tenure and promotion.

"I am very happy to report back that I just received my official letter today indicating that my application has been approved. I will be an Associate Professor."
—Brent Sleasman author of Albert Camus's Philosophy of Communication

"I am not only highly satisfied with the final product and its distribution, but I also appreciate the extra mile the director of the press took to support my academic job application."
—Andrew Zhonghu Yan author of An Existential Reading of the Confucian Analects

Personal Attention and Care

Cambria authors have a team dedicated to their needs.

"I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with Cambria Press ... I was amazed by the ability of Cambria staff to work so efficiently and effectively, and yet with such warmth and friendliness."
—Alison Groppe, University of Oregon, author of Sinophone Malaysian Literature

"From the rigorous peer review to the final product, the Cambria experience exceeds my experience with university presses. I really felt that Cambria cared about my book, and they went the extra mile to produce a book of which I am very proud."
—Sean Kelly, CSU Channel Islands, coauthor of Jimmy Carter and the Water Wars

Publication in 10–12 Weeks

Once approved, publication usually proceeds within ten weeks including copyediting, layout, design, and prepublication marketing.

"Cambria Press had our manuscript peer reviewed, edited, and published at the speed of light—all while upholding traditional scholarly standards."
—Linda Chance and Cecile Segawa Seigle authors of Ooku, The Secret World of the Shogun's Women

"The combination of professionalism, efficiency, and experience from the Cambria Press team meant that the project proceeded remarkably swiftly and seamlessly from start to finish."

—Brigitta Olubas author of Shirley Hazzard

Index Generation

Cambria authors need only provide the list of terms, and we will generate the index page numbers in just 2-5 days.

"The Cambria Press team were unstinting in their support. The Cambria team worked meticulously down to the fine details of indexing and proofing."
—Karen An-hwei Lee, Vanguard University, author of Anglophone Literatures in the Asian Diaspora

"My experience with Cambria Press was perfect! After approval for publication, the entire process of copyediting, typesetting, proofing, coding, and indexing took only three months! "
—Tanya Storch, University of the Pacific, author of The History of Chinese Buddhist Bibliography

Meticulous Editing,
Layout, and Design

The level of attention and care invested in our titles is simply unmatched in scholarly publishing.

"The manuscript underwent a rigorous editing process. Every stage of the book production demonstrated the highest level of expertise, and the meticulous attention to detail all bear testimony to excellence."
—Mabel Lee, University of Sydney, translator of Gao Xingjian: Aesthetics and Creation

"Producing my book was technically demanded. The Cambria team is highly professional and possesses the skills and know-how to get things done to produce works of high quality."
—Harald Haarmaann, Institute of Archaeomythology, author of Ancient Knowledge, Ancient Know-how, Ancient Reasoning

Print, Digital &
Cloud Editions

Only Cambria Press provides simultaneous print and digital versions with affordable and instant access via our Book Cloud.

"My students greatly appreciate the digital versions of the text. Thank you for working to make those options available."
— Brent Sleasman author of Albert Camus's Philosophy of Communication

"The Cambria staff worked with impeccable efficiency to transform my manuscript into an attractive finished product that is marketable in traditional and electronic formats."
—Currie Thompson, Gettysburg College, author of Picturing Argentina

National Conference Exposure

Cambria books and authors are highlighted and showcased at important conferences.

"Cambria made every part of the publishing process clear and enjoyable. We also appreciate the exposure provided at conferences and on the well-designed Cambria website."
— Abigail Burnham Bloom (Hunter College) and Mary Sanders Pollock (Stetson University) editors of Victorian Literature and Film Adaptation

"Cambria's effort in promoting my book at related conferences and placing it with the works of renowned scholars is evidence of their serious investment in academic scholarship."
—E. K. Tan, Stony Brook University, author of author of Rethinking Chineseness

Outstanding Journal Reviews

Cambria books earn outstanding book reviews in top-tier scholarly journals.

"Their post-publication outreach and promotion efforts were outstanding. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Cambria again and would strongly recommend them to colleagues."
— Greg Anderson, University of Alberta, author of author of Forgotten Partnership Redux

"I was particularly impressed with the high quality of the peer review, and I was doubly impressed by the attention given to distribution and review."
—Andrew Kimbrough, Oklahoma State University, author of Dramatic Theories of Voice

Integrated Marketing
& Global Distribution

Cambria Press is on the approval plans of the world's premier academic buyers, distributes globally in print and digital formats, and provides integrated marketing support.

"Cambria Press organized a live book-launch event, which was also recorded and posted online. Cambria promoted my book heavily to many relevant associations."
— Tanya Storch, University of the Pacific, author of The History of Chinese Buddhist Bibliography

"I chose to publish an edited volume with Cambria even though I had offers from several other publishers ... Cambria Press has an impressive number of standing orders with libraries worldwide."
—Helen Purkitt, U.S. Naval Academy, editor of African Environmental and Human Security in the 21st Century

24/7 Author Royalty Portal

Cambria provides 24/7 access to sales and royalty data via a private author web portal. Through this portal, authors can see sales and royalty data on demand.

"Cambria is the best publisher I have ever worked with.Their innovative online sales tracking system allows continual monitoring of sales and royalties."
— Stephen Coleman, author of Popular Decisions

"From the first year my book was marketed, I could review its sales on the website and started receiving royalties. I am proud of the professionalism, efficiency, and friendliness of all Cambria staff."
—Guo Wu, author of Zheng Guanying, Merchant Reformer of Late Qing China and his Influence on Economics, Politics, and Society

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