Antón Pérez: Manuel Sánchez Mármol’s Novel of Race, War, and Passion

by Terry Rugeley


This book is in the Cambria Latin American Literatures and Cultures Series headed by Román de la Campa, the Edwin B. and Lenore R. Williams Professor of Romance Languages at the University of Pennsylvania.

In 1904 Mexican author Manuel Sánchez Mármol published a short novel entitled Antón Pérez. It chronicles the origins and adventures of its eponymous hero, a poor and ethnically mixed young man from a small town in the remote tropical state of Tabasco. It draws from the author's direct personal experiences in what had been one of his home state’s most important struggles, the resistance to the French Intervention of 1861-1867. Largely forgotten today outside of a handful of regional specialists, Antón Pérez is an important part of Latin American literary history not only as a portrait of a place and time, but for its real literary merits. This translation is the first to make this important work available to an English-language readership.

It is an important book for collections not only in Latin American studies but also translation studies, literary history, and world literature.


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