In(ter)ventions of the Self: Writing and the Autobiographical Subject in Hispanic American Literature (1974–2002)

by Sergio R. Franco


This book is in the Cambria Latin American Literatures and Cultures Series headed by Román de la Campa, the Edwin B. and Lenore R. Williams Professor of Romance Languages at the University of Pennsylvania.

This book is the first to incorporates close readings of the analyzed autobiographical texts of five canonical writers (three of whom are Nobel Prize winners). This book’s novelty and innovation lies in its examination of a corpus that has never before been systematically studied, and includes thorough examination of five canonical authors, Gabriel García Márquez, Margo Glantz, Pablo Neruda, Severo Sarduy and Mario Vargas Llosa, three of which are Nobel Laureates.

In(ter)ventions of the Self focuses on the examination of notions of subjectivity, identity, truth, verisimilitude, race, gender, ideology, image, memory, body and eroticism as they are represented in the symbolic space of the autobiographical discourse of The text strives to capture the characteristic traits of these authors’ self-representation during the period that begins with the 1974 publication of Pablo Neruda’s Confieso que he vivido, and extends to 2002, year in which García Márquez’s Vivir para contarla appears in print. These dates correspond both to the increase in the production of autobiographical texts in Spanish America as well as to the shift from a modern to a postmodern sensibility. This book thus examines the Spanish American autobiographical discourse in terms of the invalidation or problematization of the great metanarratives of progress and liberation, the debilitation of the political, the emergence of marginal and marginalized subjectivities, an increased ecological consciousness, the climax of a social trend towards the visual and the spatial, as well as the vindication of intimism and the value of sensitivity and everyday socialities.

This book will be a valuable resource for literary scholars and graduate students specializing in the writers examined, historians and cultural critics studying contemporary Latin America, and specialists in autobiographies and memoirs.


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