Reexamining the Sinosphere: Transmissions and Transformations in East Asia

by Nanxiu Qian, Richard J. Smith, and Bowei Zhang


"Reexamining the Sinosphere is an excellent and much-needed book that explores the various aspects of the concept of Sinosphere with a wealth of textual examples and on the basis of rich and multifaceted contemporary scholarship. The volume puts together a fine group of essays that discuss issues of cultural transmissions and transformations in East Asia and contribute to our understanding by raising important questions as much as by providing answers. This is a volume that stimulates our rethinking of the Sinosphere and will be essential reading for anyone interested in the historical relations of East Asian countries and how this regional concept may be relevant to the reality of our world today. I highly recommend it." —Zhang Longxi, Chair Professor of Comparative Literature and Translation, City University of Hong Kong

"This unique collection of essays provides a wealth of information on the premodern history of the literary, cultural, and intellectual connections within the broad geopolitical area of East Asia known as the Sinosphere (China, Japan, Korea, the Ryukyu/Liuqiu Kingdom, and Vietnam). The collaborative efforts of the editors have launched new ways to read and understand the classical cultures of each region and to locate them in a wider discourse of exchange, interaction, and transformation. This is a path-breaking book that will inspire specialists and students alike." —Harriet Zurndorfer, Leiden University, and founder and managing editor of Nan Nü: Men, Women and Gender in China

"This edited volume represents the best scholarship in Sinosphere studies that discusses how literary Sinitic texts and Chinese cultural products were transmitted, transformed, and domesticated in East Asia. It forcefully demonstrates that Sinosphere was indeed a complicated transnational and cross-cultural mechanism in which its members used Chinese elements as set of building blocks to construct their own culture." —Benjamin Wai-ming Ng, Professor of Japanese Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and author of Imagining China in Tokugawa Japan (SUNY, 2019) andThe I Ching in Tokugawa Thought and Culture (University of Hawai’i Press, 2000)


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