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Early Modern Bromance:

Love, Friendship, and Marriage in Sixteenth-Century Italian Academies
Aria Dal Molin
ISBN: 9781621965527

"A truly groundbreaking book of exceptional interest and potentially long-lasting importance for cultural studies on both sides of the Atlantic. With bold originality as well as scholarly acumen, Aria Dal Molin focuses on the activities of prominent Italian male academies, especially in Cinquecento Siena, and compares their unconventional, sexually daring scripted comedies to 'bromantic' American films and television series of the 1980s–2010s. Providing new insights into revealing parallels and differences between performance contexts across two continents and five centuries, this interdisciplinary and highly readable study is a most welcome one." —Eric Nicholson, Faculty Member, New York University Florence Read More..

Mo Yan Speaks:

Lectures and Speeches by the Nobel Laureate from China
Mo Yan
ISBN: 9781604979893

“To have a Nobel laureate’s take on literature is invaluable—it is all the more the case for Mo Yan, whose name means ‘Don’t Speak’! It is a significant contribution to the literary world that his insights will now be available to English readers for the first time in this priceless book, which contains important speeches and lectures by this writer whose impact on world literature continues to grow.” - Professor Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio, Nobel Laureate Read More..

Decadence in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture:

A Comparative and Literary-Historical Reevaluation
Hongjian Wang
ISBN: 9781621965435

"A fascinating study, Decadence in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture analyzes work by literary luminaries such as Yu Dafu, Shao Xunmei, Yu Hua, Su Tong, Wang Shuo, Wang Xiaobo, and Lin Lichuan, exposing writers’ use of the perverse and the decadent to counter traditional aesthetics and excessive politicization while carving out a new modern position for Chinese letters. This book brilliantly illuminates many hidden corners in a complex literary history." —Wendy Larson, University of Oregon Read More..

Writing Poetry, Surviving War:

The Works of Refugee Scholar-Official Chen Yuyi (1090–1139)
Yugen Wang
ISBN: 9781621965466

"A meticulous study of Chen Yuyi’s evolution as a poet in the context of his personal experience and the literary trends in the transitional period between the Northern and the Southern Song. The copious and judicious translations of Chen’s poetic works are well executed and accompanied with incisive explications." —Xiaoshan Yang, University of Notre Dame Read More..

Staging for the Emperors:

A History of Qing Court Theatre, 1683–1923
Liana Chen
ISBN: 9781621965480

"I have read this book with great pleasure and learned a lot from it. This study is evidently based on extensive and careful research of primary sources, and it presents a clear outline of the development of court drama during the Qing dynasty. Doing so, Liana Chen focuses on the reigns of Kangxi, Qianlong, and Jiaqing, and the years Cixi was in power. Such a study is very welcome." —Wilt Idema, Harvard University Read More..

Individual Autonomy and Responsibility in Late Imperial China

Paolo Santangelo
ISBN: 9781621965497

“A timely masterpiece … A major strength of the book is its comparative perspective. Santangelo not only compares and contrasts the terms and reflections within Buddhist, Confucian, and Daoist contexts, but he also expertly brings Western concepts into conversation with the East Asian constructions of self, destiny, shame, and pleasure." —Guotong Li, California State University, Long Beach Read More..

Museum of Consumption:

The Archives of Mass Culture in Argentina (1880–1930)
Graciela Montaldo
ISBN: 9781621965541

“This is one of the most exciting books of cultural criticism I have read in recent years. In a dazzling display of erudition, archival research, and theoretical sophistication, Graciela Montaldo redefines our understanding of urban culture, consumption, and taste as she probes the constitution of mass subjects at the intersection of varied experiences and practices.” —Diana Sorensen, Harvard University Read More..

Monstrosity and Chinese Cultural Identity:

Xenophobia and the Reimagination of Foreignness in Vernacular Literature since the Song Dynasty
Isaac Yue
ISBN: 9781621965046

"Using selected key figures from Chinese literature from the Tang through the Qing, Isaac Yue traces the increasing attribution of monstrous qualities to foreigners as a means to demean the Other while inflating the stature of Chinese cultural identity. Yue’s sharp observations on the evolving images of Zhang Fei, Sun Wukong, and Zhong Kui will surely inspire a reevaluation of the cultural relevance of the texts in which these figures appear." —Robert E. Hegel, Washington University in St. Louis Read More..

In(ter)ventions of the Self:

Writing and the Autobiographical Subject in Hispanic American Literature (1974–2002)
Sergio R. Franco
ISBN: 9781621965565

"This book is both an insightful theoretical intervention in critical discussions of the autobiographical genre and a highly original analysis of the autobiographies of five giants of Latin American literature ... Sergio Franco teaches us to read autobiography in new and productive ways, ... providing a valuable framework for future studies." —Anne Lambright, Carnegie Mellon University Read More..

American Ideas of Equality:

A Social History, 1750–2020
Carl L. Bankston III
ISBN: 9781621965558

"American Ideas of Equality provides a social history spanning 270 years, longer than the founding of the American nation. Bankston deftly reveals how the American idea of equality evolved and diverged and how conflicting ideas intersect race and class to shape prevailing patterns of group formation and identity politics. With his rigorous analysis of empirically rich data and lucid narrative, Bankston advances our understanding of the complex notion of inequality." —Min Zhou, UCLA Read More..


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