Cambria Sinophone World Series

Cambria Press World Sinophone Series Victor Mair, Editor

The mission of the Cambria Sinophone World Series is to expand and advance scholarly discussion of the Sinophone world, which refers to the Sinitic-language cultures and communities born of colonial and postcolonial histories that lie on the margins of geopolitical nation-states across the world. This series publishes and promotes innovative books that are in the vanguard of their disciplines and showcases creative interdisciplinary research from the fields of literature, history, cultural studies, anthropology, and sociology.

Professor Victor H. Mair (University of Pennsylvania) is the series editor.

The members of the editorial board are:

  • Michael Berry (UCLA)
  • Wendy Larson (University of Oregon)
  • Jianmei Liu (HKUST)
  • Christopher Lupke (University of Alberta)
  • Carlos Rojas (Duke University)
  • Haun Saussy (University of Chicago)
  • Tansen Sen (NYU Shanghai)
  • Shu-mei Shih (UCLA)
  • Jing Tsu (Yale University)
  • David Der-wei Wang (Harvard University)

Books in the Cambria Sinophone World Series include:

Manuscript proposals are welcome. Please submit proposals using the online form.

Inquiries should be directed to editor[AT]


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