Hualin Journal

Published by Cambria Press, the Hualin International Journal of Buddhist Studies ( is hosted by the Research Center for Buddhist Texts and Arts at Peking University, funded by The Glorisun Charitable Foundation, and facilitated by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) project on Buddhism and East Asian Religions (

The editor is Professor Ru Zhan (Peking University), and the associate editor is Professor Jinhua Chen (University of British Columbia).

This peer-reviewed journal will highlight interdisciplinary, multisourced, multimedia, and crosscultural academic research about Buddhism, and welcomes submissions in the areas of the history of religions; literary studies; Chinese, Japanese, Korean, South and Southeast Asian, Tibetan, and Tangut manuscript studies; Dunhuang studies; sociopolitical studies; comparative philosophical studies; and doctrinal studies using rare sources, art historical perspectives, institutional history, and anthropological research.

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