About Cambria Press

Innovative Publisher of the World's Top Scholars

The mission of Cambria Press is to empower the creation and dissemination of knowledge through innovative publishing solutions.

Cambria works to make the publishing process as smooth as possible. For example, Cambria offers complimentary generation of index page numbers.

Cambria authors are established scholars and rising academic stars in the humanities and social sciences.

Cambria authors also include Nobel laureates and professionals in government, NGOs, social service, and national security.

Cambria Press is an independent publisher that collaborates with authors to produce works quickly and smoothly.

Cambria Press aims to execute superior quality, service, speed, and responsiveness.

The world's top scholars choose Cambria because we provide a superior publishing experience and excellent results.

We are proud of the hundreds of testimonials, which can be viewed on this website.

Cambria publishes broadly in the humanities, social sciences, business, and international relations.

Most Cambria titles are now part of highly acclaimed series with distinguished editorial boards.

Innovation drives the Cambria publishing program, from content creation to delivery.

Cambria's Book Cloud and author-service portal are cutting-edge solutions.

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Innovative publisher of the world's top scholars

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