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Taiwan Literature Series

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“Taiwan is an island of resilience. Centuries of hardship have compelled our society to cope, adapt, and survive trying circumstances. We have found ways to persevere through difficult times together as a nation...”— President Tsai Ing-wen

There is much to laud—and learn—about Taiwan. With its tumultuous history comes a rich, vibrant culture. As Professor Nikky Lin notes in her introduction in A Taiwanese Literature Reader, “There was thus a struggle for the Taiwanese people, driven by the changes and challenges brought about in the transition from a traditional to a modern society, one that was caught between the pull of colonization and modernization. Literature serves as a reflection of an era. We observe the contradictions inherent in the difficulties faced at the time through the lens of Taiwanese literature. Whether these challenges are conflicts rooted in law, culture, class, national identity or otherwise, each is inextricably captured by the pen of its Taiwanese authors.”

Cambria Press is very proud to partner with the National Museum of Taiwan Literature and National Taiwan Normal University in launching the Literature from Taiwan Series, which takes us to Taiwan across different periods and offers us rich insights into Taiwan.

New Submissions

Proposals for this series can be submitted via this website.

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